Learn About Max Benkel, Experienced Atlanta Tax Lawyer

At the Law Offices of Max Benkel, P.C., I assist clients in and around Atlanta, as well as Florida, Alabama and throughout the world with a wide variety of tax issues and controversies.

My Tax Law Background

My extensive knowledge of tax law began after I completed my undergraduate degree in accounting from Long Island University in New York. After graduation, I worked for several years as an IRS agent. Later, I attended law school. I earned my law degree from John Marshall Law School in Atlanta, passed the bar exam and was offered a job at a nationally recognized CPA firm in New York. Several years later, I obtained a new position with the IRS, working as a lawyer in various areas for several years.

Five years later, I opened my own private practice where I began utilizing my experience and working with clients in Atlanta, throughout the state of Georgia and throughout the world with their tax problems. Now, 30+ years later, I continue to handle tax controversies — both small and large — for individuals and businesses.

A Reputation For Results

My experience has earned me a respectable reputation as an attorney among IRS agents, appeals officers, peers and others working in this area of law. Many of my cases are referrals from individuals I have known and worked with in the past.

Through the years, my extensive knowledge and training as a tax attorney has allowed me to find successful solutions for many people facing IRS problems.

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Free Consultations

I meet with clients face-to-face. Contact my office at 404-287-0053 (toll free at 888-779-9024) or send me an email to make an appointment.