Helping Atlanta Residents Appeal IRS Findings

Most taxpayers understand that dealing with the Internal Revenue Service is a serious matter. In some instances, many people will simply pay the stipulated tax or abide by the terms of the agency's findings — even if they disagree — because they believe they have no other choice.

However, it is important for all taxpayers to understand that, despite the seemingly endless power of the IRS, they do have a choice — everyone has a right to appeal a tax ruling. A big reason is because the IRS makes mistakes.

It's possible that the agency simply failed to provide you adequate notice under the law or committed a minor oversight that could relieve you of your entire tax liability. The IRS is far from perfect and errors occur all of the time.

However, you won't know until a tax professional reviews your case.

An Experienced Advocate To Help You

I am an Atlanta tax attorney Max Benkel and if you need assistance reviewing or appealing your tax assessment, I can help. As a former IRS lawyer and agent, I possess a unique and thorough understanding of IRS procedures and measures utilized by officials. For 30+ years, I have helped many individuals in Georgia, Florida, Tennessee and even overseas who have been in your same situation.

Former IRS Attorney To Tackle Your IRS Appeal

It is tempting to tackle an IRS appeal on your own, but an experienced tax law attorney like myself can offer advocacy. IRS officials have lots of resources at their disposal. You need someone on your side.

Whether you are looking for help analyzing an IRS audit finding or other tax assessment, such as a property lien or bank account garnishment, I can assist.

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