Negotiating Tax Debt For Atlanta Residents And Businesses

Due to a wide range of circumstances, many individuals find themselves owing taxes to the IRS they simply cannot pay. The amount could be $15,000; it could be $5 million. Either way, the IRS will do what it takes to obtain payment.

Fortunately, taxpayers like you have options.

Through a process known as an IRS offer in compromise, in some situations, U.S. taxpayers can negotiate with the IRS to pay a lower amount than the original tax liability. In other circumstances, taxpayers may be able to work out a monthly manageable payment plan over a period of time to pay off a tax debt.

But each situation is unique. Optimal results require the help of an experienced tax professional.

Extensive Experience, Former IRS Tax Attorney

I am former IRS lawyer Max Benkel, and over the past three decades I have helped negotiate IRS tax liabilities through offers in compromise on behalf of many individuals in Atlanta and throughout the state of Georgia. Because of my extensive knowledge and experience, individuals located out of state and overseas have even reached out to my office, the Law Offices of Max Benkel, P.C., for assistance.

I have a unique understanding of the nuances of tax law and the procedures utilized. I can help you.

Always Acting In Your Best Interest

If you are facing a tax liability that you simply cannot afford to pay, I invite you to call my office or send me an email to find out how I can help. Unlike many "tax resolution" companies, I will always meet with you face-to-face and ensure that the actions we take are always in your best interest.

I also assist with liens, wage garnishments and other collection actions. Contact me today at 404-287-0053 or 888-779-9024.

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