Attorney Benkel understands the details of the tax laws and regulations.

A Former IRS Attorney With Over 30 Years Of Practice Experience

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Client Testimonials

I am a small business owner in the metro-Atlanta area and Max Benkel has been my advisor and attorney for over 10 years. During the time we have done business together he has helped me with issues from customer contracts to IRS concerns. Max is a great guy and knowledgeable legal advisor and I would recommend him to anyone looking for a lawyer that offers unlimited and reliable assistance in all business/legal matters.

I have been a satisfied client of Max Benkel since 2003. Mr. Benkel is a considerate lawyer, always returning every phone call, answering every question, promptly responding to every piece of correspondence. He has represented me well over the years and I have absolutely no hesitation in referring any and everyone to him for his expertise and counsel.

I would highly recommend Max Benkel! My situation was as bad as it gets. My previous accountant, having put me in jeopardy with the IRS and Georgia Dept of Revenue, left me with tens of thousands of debt owed to the various bureaus. In an orderly fashion, Max “put out the fires”! He helped me deal with all the accounting and legal concerns. I am now on an affordable path to repayment. Yes, I would highly recommend Max Benkel!

I have felt “paralyzed” in recent years with even the THOUGHT of finding a solution to my tax debt problems. (I am a sole-proprietor)Prior to the last few years I tried everything from consulting with numerous tax attorneys, CPAs, and endless hours of my own research. I was “drowning.”Finally, after reaching a collection status with the IRS I had to start the hunt for a solution once again. I walked into Max’s office with very little hope. I walked out with a burden lifted. He found a solution.I was thoroughly impressed with his knowledge and expertise. He had a calm demeanor ,and I never felt like he was rushing me out to meet with the next client. His patience, kindness, and understanding put me at ease to ask questions. He was able to explain the answers in layman’s terms when needed. Max responded to my emails in a timely manner when I had questions throughout the process. I felt like I could trust him from the minute I walked through the door…and that’s rare these days.I’m so unbelievably grateful for him. Don’t waste your time on anyone else. Max is “the man.”:)

I was first introduced to Max Benkel through a business associate of mine 27 years ago when I moved to Atlanta. I was very much in need of a top attorney to handle my situation. I can say from that day forward I myself have referred Max Benkel to numerous friends of mine to represent them.

When going about the process of choosing an attorney, that part can be as difficult as choosing a life partner. One who has your back at all times without question. One who you can confide and trust in any situation regardless of the circumstances.

In the past 27 years that I have used Max Benkel as my attorney, never once have I ever been anything but beyond satisfied with his performance. Max Benkel has and continue to exceed all expectations in all levels of service.

I have worked with Max for several years. He is an outstanding tax attorney. He is responsive, thorough, and creative in his advice, and he is also genuinely collegial with others. He is a valued adviser to any person or corporation.

Max handled a matter for me and did an outstanding job. He was professional, thorough & efficient. I highly recommend him and will use his services again, should the need arise.

In connection with my bankruptcy practice, I have had occasion to work with Max Benkel on numerous cases over the years. I have always been impressed with the thoughtfulness of his work and the success he has had in reaching very positive results for his tax clients. Consequently, I strongly encourage any individual or business with tax issues to consult with Mr. Benkel.

Mr. Benkel filed an offer in compromise on my behalf. Although my tax liability was over $1,000,000, Mr. Benkel obtained a settlement of $2,310. He did a great job and I couldn’t be happier.