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A Former IRS Attorney With Over 30 Years Of Practice Experience

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Can Bankruptcy Solve Tax Debt Problems?

The IRS has plenty of tools at its disposal to collect on unpaid tax debts. Fees and interest can be attached to an existing tax debt if it isn’t paid in a timely manner. In other situations, the IRS simply places a lien on an individual’s personal property or garnishes their wages.

Fortunately, there are options available to settle outstanding tax liabilities. An offer in compromise is one; negotiating a monthly installment plan is another. However, depending on individual circumstances, filing for bankruptcy may be your best option.

I am Max Benkel, an Atlanta, Georgia, tax attorney, and I have been finding solutions to people’s tax dilemmas for decades. There likely isn’t a situation that I have not encountered. As a former IRS lawyer, I know the laws and options available. Currently, as the founder of Law Offices of Max Benkel, P.C., I work directly with IRS officials as well as those in the bankruptcy arena to find the best solution to a situation. If you are facing an IRS audit or potential lien against your property, contact me to find out how I can help.

Is Bankruptcy Right For Me?

Bankruptcy is a process that allows people to discharge or restructure their debts. In some instances, individuals have filed for bankruptcy and walked away debt-free in 90 days. This option may be viable for those who have other outstanding liabilities, such as high credit card debt or unsecured loans, in addition to tax obligations, such as personal income tax arrearages. Bankruptcy is a complex area of law, so if tax debts are part of the reason you are considering filing for bankruptcy, it is essential to consult with an attorney like myself who understands both tax law and bankruptcy law.

Get Advice From An Experienced Bankruptcy Lawyer

If you are feeling overwhelmed with a tax obligation and other types of personal debt, reach out to me via phone: 404-287-0053 (toll-free at 888-779-9024), or use my online contact form. I can find out if bankruptcy is right for you and talk with you about tax law in greater detail.

We are a debt relief agency. We help people file for bankruptcy relief under the Bankruptcy Code.