Attorney Benkel understands the details of the tax laws and regulations.

A Former IRS Attorney With Over 30 Years Of Practice Experience

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Most creditors are mandated by law to take various steps before they can pursue collection efforts against individuals to satisfy an unpaid debt. The IRS, however, is different.

To satisfy an outstanding tax debt, this federal agency can place a lien on a person’s property, garnish an individual’s wages, or seize their home or other personal property, all without obtaining a court order.

Understanding IRS Liens, Levies And Garnishments

A federal tax lien is essentially a process that gives the IRS a legal claim or interest in your property. A lien can be placed on your home, your vehicle or other personal assets as a security for your tax obligation.

The IRS can also levy or garnish your property. The agency has the power to seize your bank or retirement accounts and take your wages, your home and your business assets.

If you are facing tax levies or liens, contacting an experienced tax lawyer who understands the law is vital.

Extensive Experience Handling IRS Collections

I am Max Benkel and have 30-plus years of experience helping Atlanta, Georgia, taxpayers with IRS collection efforts. I was a former IRS agent and tax attorney, and previously worked for a CPA firm; I understand the laws and procedures involved. I can help you.

I will first determine if the IRS followed proper protocols before pursuing the collection. If a lien was filed on your property, I can negotiate with the IRS to find a solution, such as an
offer in compromise, that would remove the lien.

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