Attorney Benkel understands the details of the tax laws and regulations.

A Former IRS Attorney With Over 30 Years Of Practice Experience

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Helping Married Couples With Their Tax Issues

Tax filings for married couples can quickly become bogged down with property considerations, family business issues, and shared retirement and pension plans. As your tax attorney, I can help you navigate your joint filings. I am attorney Max Benkel. I am a trained accountant, a former IRS agent and a highly trusted tax attorney. My 30 years of experience is an invaluable resource for you.

Create a tax plan that helps you and your family thrive. Even in the most strenuous of circumstances, I can help you identify a path for success. Whether you need help with an initial filing or with a bankruptcy filing, my experience can help. Call my office today at 404-287-0053 or (toll free) 888-779-9024.

Considering Your Long-Term Future

You get married. It is an occasion to celebrate. The following January, when you get your tax documents, you realize how complicated a joint filing can be. I focus exclusively on tax law. I can help you answer key questions about your joint taxes, like:

  • What income should you account for during filings?
  • Should you include your property, even if it is not marital property?
  • What happens if the IRS audits you?
  • How do you manage taxes during separation or divorce?

Your long-term financial health requires you and your spouse to answer these questions effectively. As your guide through the tax process, I can help you and your spouse navigate the complexities of joint filing.

Creating A Calm And Cohesive Plan

At my firm, I commit to providing you with comprehensive legal care. I take your personal needs into account to find the best solution for you. Reach out online to schedule a free in-person consultation.