Attorney Benkel understands the details of the tax laws and regulations.

A Former IRS Attorney With Over 30 Years Of Practice Experience

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Neglecting to file taxes can happen for a number of reasons. Many people fail to file because they know they simply won’t have the funds to pay the obligation. They often feel hopeless and are unsure what, if anything, can be done.

Fortunately, there are options — even for those of us who have failed to file any taxes in the past 10 years.

No Situation Is Too Complex

I am attorney Max Benkel, and I have assisted taxpayers in and around Atlanta, Georgia, who were in situations just like you. I am a former IRS tax attorney and agent, and have been practicing tax law for decades. There is likely not a single situation I have not encountered.

If you have unfiled tax returns, let me help you.

Handling Your Unpaid Taxes

First, I will meet with you over a free consultation to discuss your situation. Upon representation, I will:

  • Notify the IRS that I am officially representing you so they correspond with me going forward
  • Help you obtain the requisite documentation to file your returns
  • Work with IRS officials to determine your tax obligations

Options To Fulfill Your Tax Obligation

Once a determination is made regarding your tax liability, I will access the options available to help you fulfill the tax responsibilities. Such options include:

  • An offer in compromise, which allows you to negotiate a different tax amount than the original assessment.
  • A monthly payment plan, which allows you to set up a manageable payment plan over several months.
  • Filing for bankruptcy, which can help you with your tax obligations as well as other unpaid debts.

Don’t Put Off Filing Any Longer

Call my Atlanta office at 404-287-0053 (toll-free at 888-779-9024) or send me an email to set up an appointment. As an experienced tax lawyer, I can help alleviate your stress and fear of the unknown. I offer free face-to-face consultations and flexible appointments.

We are a debt relief agency. We help people file for bankruptcy relief under the Bankruptcy Code.